Alcohol, Drugs and Solvent Abuse Policy

General Statement of Intent

The Company recognises that the health and safety performance, conduct and relationships with other persons at work may be affected by anyone under the influence of drugs, solvents or excessive amounts of alcohol 

The Company adopts a proactive approach to drugs, solvent and alcohol management (and in compliance with Railway Group Standard GE/RT8047 & Network Rail Company Standard RT/LS/P/051) within the workplace applying the following rules: -

1	Induction training will include advice to employees on the health risks associated with taking illegal drugs, solvent abuse and excessive amounts of alcohol, including the requirement to declare any prescribed or over-the-counter drugs that they may be taking BEFORE ANY TESTS ARE UNDERTAKEN.

2	Managers and Supervisors will make every effort to identify persons with possible alcohol, solvent or drug related problems.

3	Persons reporting for duty believed to be under the influence of alcohol shall be refused entry to the building or from going onto site.

4	Persons found under the influence of illegal drugs, solvents or alcohol during normal working hours will be removed from the place of work immediately, and may be subjected to ‘For Cause’ Testing, which will involve a breathalyser test and/or the provision of a urine sample. Where this is the case, personnel having been subjected to ‘For Cause’ Testing will be released from duty until the test result is known.

5.	Being under the influence of alcohol, solvents or illegal drugs is considered a disciplinary offence, which may lead to instant dismissal. 

6.	Any persons found with problems will be counselled by the Managing Director to establish the extent of the problem and determine a rehabilitation programme if appropriate.

7.	At no time will any alcohol be consumed at the offices of ess or any of their work sites.

8.	It is the duty of Sub-Contractors to ensure that all of their employees are made aware of this requirement and to enforce compliance

 9.	Non-Compliance by a Sub-Contractor will lead to termination of their contract.

Alcohol, Drugs and Solvent Abuse Working on
Network Rail’s Controlled Infrastructure

When working on Network Rail’s Controlled Infrastructure, you will be subject to the following rules in addition to those mentioned above:

Routine Testing
Testing for alcohol and drugs will be carried out when you:

•	Seek employment in, or transfer to a Safety Critical Work post
•	Seek employment with Network Rail via an agency or contractor in a role which may affect the safety of Network Rail’s controlled infrastructure
•	Undergo any SENTINEL medical examination, whether initial or subsequently
•	Undergo any routine age-related medical examination specified by Network Rail

Unannounced Testing
A minimum of 10% of Sentinel card holder under the sponsorship of ess land management ltd will be subject to unannounced alcohol and drug screening twice annually.

Unannounced alcohol and drug testing could take place at any time whilst you are at work or on duty. This will require you to provide a sample of breath and/or urine. As with all alcohol and drug testing, refusal to submit to testing will be treated as a positive test result.

Employees will not be notified that they have been selected for testing until immediately prior to the test, and will not normally be released from duty after testing.

‘For Cause’ Testing
‘For Cause’ Testing may take place at any time whilst working on Network Rail’s Controlled Infrastructure if either you have been involved in a dangerous incident or accident or the appointed manager/supervisor considers the actions or behaviour of the employee give reasonable grounds to believe that you are unfit for duty because of alcohol or drug consumption. This may involve a breathalyser test and/or a provision of a urine sample. You will be released from duty until the test result is known.

Help and Support for Employees
The company has procedures in place to assist any employee who voluntarily declares an alcohol or drug related problem. This provides both confidential support and guidance to employees and their families.

If you have or think that you may be developing an alcohol or drug-related problem, you must advise your manager or supervisor immediately so that the ‘managing for health’ procedure can be invoked. In all cases, this must be before you are tested for alcohol and drugs. Disclosure or discovery of a problem prompted by a positive test result or an impending test is not acceptable.

If you have a colleague whom you suspect has an alcohol or drug-related problem, you should raise the issue in confidence with you manager, who can offer assistance through the ‘Managing for Health’ programme.

All employees will be instructed that failure to comply with the requirements of this policy statement will result in the immediate suspension of the offending employee from the company due to thee risk to their and others health and safety 

Philip Hale

25th January 2006
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